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Over the years, several businesses have struggled to establish their presence through Google reviews. Sadly, most of them failed because of spam reviews or even fake ones.

Now that Google reviews are so critical, what can be done to help businesses get excellent and genuine reviews? 

If you've also been struggling to skyrocket your Google reviews, you're at the perfect place. In this article, we will tell you 12 strategies to gather as many reviews as possible. 

Let’s have a look!

12 Best Strategies to Boost Google Reviews

While you may think that increasing Google reviews is quite a task, it is actually not. Here are the 12 best strategies to accumulate reviews that you may adopt to catch the eye of your customers and increase the review count:

1. Add GMB Review Link to Receipt

With every online and offline purchase, you should include a GMB review link on the receipt as you send it to the customers. This can act as a reminder for your customer to leave a legitimate review on your GMB page. 

2. Ask for Reviews on Social Media

If you have a significant presence and customer base on social media, why don't you consider using it? Ask for reviews on social media via stories and posts and include a GMB review link on your social media profile bios for customers to add the reviews easily. 

3. Ask for Reviews in Person

Apart from your online customer base, you will obviously have an offline customer base to cater to. Thus, ask your customers for honest reviews. It is advisable to provide them with your GMB link so that they can add the review. 

4. Include “Leave Us Review” in Business Cards

Once your business takes off, your prime concern will be helping your customers reach out to you easily. Thus, you may prefer creating business review cards, including a ‘Leave Us Review’ message on the card. So, as you distribute the cards, the respective person gets the message to provide a review for your service. 

5. Include Reviews Section in Survey

When you're running a survey, you should also include the Google reviews section in the form. This will let your users know that you have a review section and that they can provide positive reviews about the service. As a result, it becomes easier to collect reviews. 

6. Respond to Existing Reviews

While not many businesses focus on it, responding to reviews can help you get more positive reviews. When you respond to reviews, it contributes to a better reputation, as people are likely to believe that you're active and engaging with your audience. This can encourage people to leave reviews because they feel they're being heard. 

7. Frequently Update Your Google Business Profile

You should never miss out on the chance of gathering more reviews. What else can be better than updating your Google Business profile? As you update your profile, you provide the latest information, which helps you win the audience's attention. 

8. Purchase Genuine Reviews

If you're failing to organically generate reviews for your business, why don't you consider purchasing them? Purchasing reviews from reliable websites like BuyReviewz helps avoid spam and provides credible reviews, which can help your business. 

9. Use QR Codes to Link to the Review Page

You can include a QR code across your business profiles to make it easier for your audience to leave a review. As the audience scans the QR code, they'll be redirected to the review page and easily provide the reviews. 

10. Give Review-worthy Services

If you want Google reviews for your business, you need to provide review-worthy services. Whether it's the quality of products or your service, you should keep everything top-notch so that you can gather positive reviews. 

11. Send a Review Link via Message/Email after the Purchase

Once the customer has purchased a service or product, you should send a review link to their phone number or email. In the message, you should ask them to leave a legitimate review stating their experience working with you. 

12. Offer Discount on Next Purchases

If you want more reviews, offer discounts and incentives to the clients. You can encourage the audience to leave a review in order to get a discount on their next purchase. This often keeps them hooked and helps you get more 5-star Google reviews. 

Perks of Using Strategies to Boost Google Reviews

Now that you're aware of the strategies, you should know how they can help you. The great news is that using the right strategy to accumulate reviews can play an important role, such as the following:

#1. Better SEO ranking

Every business’ goal is to rank higher on the website to increase your visibility. Thus, when you're using the right strategy to boost Google reviews, it can help improve your visibility, which eventually helps increase your SEO rank. 

#2. Increase Credibility and Trust

As your visibility and ranking increase, the audience is likely to trust you more. Thus, you’ll be established as a credible source, as it helps to increase the validity of positive reviews. 

#3. Convert Leads into Customers

When your SEO rank increases, you also derive higher traffic. This eventually plays an important role in generating leads from your websites. As your credibility through Google reviews increases, your leads will eventually convert to customers. 

How Can Buying Google Reviews Help My Business?

Buying Google reviews is one of the best and easiest ways to get more reviews on your Google My Business page. As the reviews increase, your chances of capturing the market also increase. Google reviews play an important role in establishing a significant target audience by fostering trust and credibility. 

When you're buying Google reviews from BuyReviewz, you get an opportunity to increase your review count rapidly rather than waiting for organic ones. Moreover, buying Google reviews also reduces the risk of spam, which is extremely crucial for your business today. 

Summing Up

It's not the end of the world, and you still have the chance to establish a strong online identity as you begin to collect reviews. The only key is that you follow the above-mentioned strategies diligently without the risk of any spam. 

Another key point is that if you're buying reviews, make sure you're only relying on a genuine site like BuyReviewz and not the ones that make big and false promises. You will notice the differences in your Google review count soon. 

FAQs for Strategies to Boost Google Reviews

Q1. How do I boost my Google review?

You should reach out to your customers to boost your Google reviews. You can ask them to leave reviews on your GMB profile. Apart from that, you can also buy Google reviews to give it a boost. 

Q2. Why should I boost my Google reviews?

Boosting your Google reviews can help improve your SEO ranking, which will help you gain credibility and trust. Moreover, you can also convert your potential leads into customers. 

Q3. How does buying reviews help increase my ranking?

Buying Google reviews helps increase your visibility on GMB. This indeed plays an important role in increasing your ranking as you establish yourself as a credible source. 

Q4. Where should I add a link to gain more reviews?

You should add a link to your GMB profile on your website as a sticky or CTA to attract more reviews. You can also include the link on your social media accounts. 

Q5. How can I gain more Google reviews fast?

Apart from asking your customers, buying Google reviews from sites like BuyReviewz is one of the fastest ways to gain Google reviews.

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