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The thumb rule to having a big sustainable business is to offer great customer satisfaction

You will only be appreciated for your products or services if you win the client's heart and satisfy them with precisely what they are looking for. 

One easy and essential way of knowing whether you are at par in your business is through Google Reviews

These reviews help you understand your business position in the market and also show the path of improvement if any, to rank higher on google search results. 

What Are Google Online Reviews?

Google Reviews are the feedback customers share on Google search platforms about their experience availing of your products or services. It can either be a negative review or a positive one depending on the customer's experience. 

Importance Of Google Review

#1. Biggest Source Of Reliability 

Google Reviews are raw and real. However, a veteran internet user can spit on unnatural or manipulated reviews if you buy fake Google Reviews. 

This would not only tarnish your brand's image, but also instigate the clients to question the authenticity of the rest of the reviews. 

Therefore, honest Google customer reviews act as a booster of the brand image in the market. It adds relevance to your offerings and makes them sound and look reliable to be used for some reason. 

#2. Boosts Up The Local SEO 

One of the most essential features of using online reviews as an important tool is that it acts as a catalyst for your business in the local SEO.

Local SEO or local Search Engine Optimization means online business promotion in its local area through keywords and meta Tags.

For example, a local business falling into the same category would pop up higher in the local search ranking whenever someone is searching online for a product or service of their need.

In this way, more Google business Reviews also helps businesses skyrocket revenues and rankings. Having a high count of positive Google Reviews on the Google Maps listing can gradually make your business stand out in the market segments. 

This is exactly how Google reviews can significantly impact your business. If your business is soaring in the few top searches, customers will eventually understand that it is because of your best services.  

#3. Positive Reviews Influences Purchase Decision

Most people, nearly 91%, prefer to look up the search engines they require before making any purchase or visiting the store physically.

Here comes Google Review into the picture. They push the potential customer's mind significantly to create a number of positive or negative google reviews.

Your quality of Google reviews and handling the negative reviews are the most critical factors for your customers.

Potential customers can review your business performance and ratings before visiting your store or making a purchase. 

It would help them make a rational and informed decision about the business as most of them trust online reviews. So online reviews do have the potential to influence decision-making power. 

#4. Trailer Of Your Business Profile

What your business listings are like and how they would turn out after usage is a future thing! But for now, if you want a short trailer for your business profile, Google Reviews is the go-to tool for every small, medium, or large-scale business.

It is the mediator of messages to the wide traffic about how advanced and satisfactory your services are. 

#5. Tailored To Attract Customers

Google reviews are the most crucial source of captivating customers. A testimony or review from a happy customer can bring in many more customers looking for the same services and would love to cherish the same user experience as the others. 

Advantages Of Google Reviews 

#1. Free Of Cost

Neither you nor your customers would have to spend much of your money gathering more Google reviews. It is free of cost and highly efficient in getting more clients.  

#2. Best Marketing Tool 

Google reviews are free marketing tools. You need to spend a penny on something other than calling new customers or persuading them about your efficiency in meeting their expectations.

83% of people would consider your business site trustworthy if it has user-generated reviews.

By surfing through the ratings and count of more positive reviews, the domains of marketing, like promotional activities, creating brand awareness through advertising, etc., are all compiled together and delivered all at once. 

#3. Easy To Gain

There is no limitation on how many google reviews you should have. Simply a click can gain online Customer Reviews on the review link that follows and opens up the business review section. One can also drop a review in the review section of the Google Maps application.  

#4. Builds Online Reputation

Online reputation is a critical player in developing your business on online platforms. The more you serve people the best way and create a unique stance in the market, the more likely you will have a strong build and robust online reputation. 

All thanks to Google Reviews for doing this task on your behalf. It helps show the real side of your business contributions and creates a broader base for your online reputation.

90% of users prefer reading reviews before buying or selling goods to a site.

#5. Helps In Customer Retention 

A business always aims at retaining customers. With customer retention, you can have a business running successfully. Google reviews prove your authenticity and success in achieving customer satisfaction, therefore, containing customers as well. 

#6. Promotes Brand Loyalty

A happy customer would never think of shifting to another business to get the same services from you. Google Reviews show how satisfied your customers are by availing your services.

This, in turn, motivates other potential customers to take a look at the listings and accentuates community development and loyalty. 

Impact Of Google Reviews On Turnover 

#1. Brand Credibility and Exposure

Online Reviews are the most significant source of skyrocketing your business's credibility. Not only does it boost the business's credibility, but it also invites wider exposure in online platforms.

With greater visibility, better chances of boosting your reach amongst the users come. 

#2. SEO Ranking

Google's Algorithm is designed and affected by marketing tactics. But they are here for the rescue as well.

It helps in boosting credibility and shows the business listings in the top searches for the number of Google reviews it has successfully collected.

This, in turn, helps in Local SEO and Ranking.  

#3. Higher Conversion Rate

Customers are more likely to be persuaded if they get to cast their reviews on your site themselves. Therefore, this would encourage existing customers to be loyal and consistent with your business and bring in more viewers as clients to use your services. 

#4. Boost The Click-Through Rate 

A business with several positive Google Reviews entices other customers to click on the link to leave reviews themselves.

It helps in gathering more thoughts and eventually benefiting your business. 

#5. Feedback Loop 

A feed loop happens when you aim to improve every time you receive a review that states where you lack. Every thought is invaluable to a firm looking to serve people actively through maximised customer satisfaction and retention opportunities.

It helps you comprehend your functionality and scope better now and serves as a prospect for your business. That’s why, it's advised to be on as many review sites as possible as it increases the feedback loop.

Ways To Boost Google Reviews Step By Step

#1. Verify Your Business Profile 

By verifying and claiming your Google account business profile online, you authenticate your existence. Create a Google My Business Page or GMB page to help people reach out to you with much ease and in a time-saving manner.

With a GMB page, it also becomes easier to leave a review. 

#2. Include Relevant Information

Including relevant information can be done in several ways. First, the content you put into your business site must be closely knitted to your business listings—nothing extra, nothing meaningless. 

Use keywords to make it easier to search for. Whenever a customer searches with keywords relevant to your business, your site will pop up as it has the relevant keywords in its content. 

#3. Keep Your Profile Updated And Attractive 

Here all you need to do is keep updating your working hours, i.e., whether you are active or open to visiting. Take time to keep up with the timing of your working hours on the site and information about holidays or any other updates.

Also, use attractive and high-resolution infographics or pictures on the site that quickly grabs attention. 

#4. Use Online Review Management Platform 

Nearly 76% of customers willingly share reviews about their experience after they are asked. Use online Review Management platforms to ease the task for you.

A review management platform uses texts, emails, and even phone calls to ask your customers to leave reviews about their experiences. 

#5. Ask For Reviews

Another simple way of collecting more reviews is by asking your customers to leave one. You can educate your clients about their valuable reviews' relevance to your business.

You must make leaving a review easier so that it doesn't seem complicated for the customers to get one. 

However, try not to break Google’s review policies, as it may happen that in the process of getting more online Google reviews, we may lose track of what’s right and what’s wrong.

This can be anything, whether you buy google reviews, or try to impersonate your customers and add good reviews and star ratings from fake Gmail accounts. In the end, doing such a thing is only going to tarnish your business name.

A Few Words At Last.

Apart from social media, Google reviews are a critical part of digital marketing strategy for local businesses. Google business profile accounts get the highest traffic and as a business owner you must take due advantage of it.

You can do so by ensuring that your Google My Business account has all the information including business location, phone number, Google Maps app direction, name etc.

In these competitive times, you must gather as many online reviews as possible. On your way to collecting reviews, you would also receive a few negative reviews, and that’s completely okay.

Afterall, your business cannot satisfy everyone’s needs. It would help you rank high in google business listing and positively impact your turnover if done the right way.

Written By Mary Edward

Mary has been a content and copy specialist with 15 years of extensive experience in the writing background. She has worked as a merchandising specialist for startups and small businesses and holds efficiency in writing sellable copies to elevate sales. While Mary's writing skills are commendable, she is also our strategic partner with She writes Google reviews, understands the roles and responsibilities of the targeted business, and studies their local needs, bringing traffic and driving users' attention toward the brand's website and social media platforms.

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