Do Google Reviews Ever Expire & How Businesses Impacts?

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Do Google reviews ever expire: the answer is no; they are permanent; once someone submits a Google review on your profile, it stays forever (if it doesn’t violate Google review guidelines). However, as and when you get more reviews, these old reviews lose their immediate visibility but can be filtered with keywords.

It's no secret that a stellar Google review can be the lifeblood of businesses. These reviews help you forge connections with customers and attract new patrons to your establishment, among many other benefits.

However, there's a curious phenomenon at play: occasionally, those glowing reviews sometimes vanish from your profile, leaving you to ponder their sudden disappearance. 

This prompts the question: Is there a time limit on Google reviews? If so, how long do they last? This blog will help you determine whether Google reviews really expire or disappear. 

Do Google Reviews Expire?

No, Google reviews don’t expire; any customer reviews that businesses receive will always be posted online on their GMB profile or Google Maps. 

On any Google Business Profile found on Google, by clicking "Google reviews" or "View all Google Reviews," searchers pull up that business's reviews, which can be continuously scrolled.

Every Google review for a business can be viewed publicly—no matter how old—which helps customers or searchers see past reviews and compare them with present ones. 

Also, a business's review listing on Google is automatically filtered by the "Most relevant" (but you can also change the sort order by "Oldest," "Newest," etc).

Google has not yet stated how relevancy is determined, but studies have found that date, length, locality, product/service specifics, and keywords can be deciding factors.

So overall, customer reviews always stay posted and are visible for all customers to see and make purchasing decisions accordingly.

Google reviews are filtered by the "Most relevant," but positive and negative feedback are not exclusive factors determining relevance.

Reasons Why Some Google Reviews Disappear or Get Deleted

Even though Google reviews are meant to stick around forever, sometimes there are situations when they can disappear from Google. It has rules about what's allowed in reviews, and if any review breaks these rules, it can get the boot. Let's see some common reasons why Google might say goodbye to a review:

1. Fake Reviews

Many people post fake reviews, but Google doesn't like fake reviews. These are reviews written by people who want to either boost their business unfairly or decrease its reputation by posting fake reviews. 

2. Spam Reviews

Any review that doesn't make sense appears to be an attempt to game the system, or seems strange to Google may be flagged as spam and deleted. 

3. Off-Topic Reviews

Many people have business experiences that Google reviews should discuss. If a review goes off-topic and does not mention the product or service related to the business, it might not make the cut and get removed.

4. Illegal Content

Many reviews with illegal content that includes copyrighted material or links to shady websites are always a big red flag and will not be tolerated by the platform or Google.

5. Rude or Threatening Language

Google always wants things to be friendly and respectful. Any review with rude, racist, or threatening language will be removed by Google.

6. Conflicts of Interest

Reviews from people with an apparent conflict of interest, like employees or competitors who always think of conflicts, might be taken down, as these comments can become biased and can be ungenuine reflections of the business.

7. Too Many Reviews, Too Fast

Any business posting large quantities of positive reviews could signal that these are fake feedback. If the reviews are negative, this is commonly known as "review bombing," and it is a tactic by competitors to lose a business's name. So, if any business suddenly gets a lot of reviews quickly, Google might think about what's going on and can remove some of them if it looks like they are part of one of these tactics. 

Both the users writing reviews and business owners have an important role in managing public feedback. If people want to delete their reviews, they can do it, while business owners can also flag and fix an inappropriate Google review that breaks the platform's rules.

Does Deleting Google Business Profile Remove Reviews?

Even after deleting the Google Business Profile, all customer reviews will remain posted online and available for the public to see. Deleting your profile will only take away your ability to manage it. 

If you are considering deleting your Google Business Profile to remove negative reviews, it is not recommended. Therefore, it won't remove a Google review and is still available to the public.

Impact Of Disappearing Google Reviews On Businesses

Vanished or old reviews do not directly impact the business in terms of ratings, but they can impact ranking and lower customers' trust in that business. Let's look at some impacts of disappearing reviews:

#1. If a business has multiple positive reviews that are posted long back Google does not consider showing them. Thus, if fresh, positive reviews don't balance them out, the average rating may drop, giving potential customers a bad impression.

#2. It can also influence the purchasing decision of customers; if there are fewer reviews and the business has been operating for years, customers will think business services/products are not capable enough. 

Therefore, businesses must actively monitor their online reviews, encourage new comments, and correct obsolete reviews to retain a positive reputation.

How To Improve Your Google Star Rating?

Customers' reviews are star ratings displayed on your Google Business Profile & search engine results pages. It is the collective rating that your business has received from the customers.

The more you can expect customers to consider & engage with your business depends on your higher star ratings. 

But if Google reviews do not expire, & you can't remove negative customer reviews that do not violate guidelines, how do you enhance your Google star rating?

If you want to improve your Google star rating, the only solution is to get more Google reviews. To get more genuine Google reviews for your GMB profile, you can also consider buying Google reviews, which can help you gain reviews from real and active accounts.


Google reviews do not expire, and they can significantly impact your business. These reviews can influence potential customers' decisions, affect your search engine rankings, and provide valuable feedback for improving your products or services. 

Google business reviews can increase your brand's trust, convert more customers into your business, provide insights into customer behavior, and boost local business awareness. 

Therefore, it's essential to actively manage, boost Your Google Star Rating, and respond to Google reviews to maintain a positive reputation and attract more customers to your business.


1. Do Google reviews expire?

Google reviews don't expire; they are permanent, but they might disappear or be removed if they violate Google platform guidelines. Also, their visibility on your profile or in searches depends on the recency of the posting date. So, always work on adding new Google reviews to your profile.

2. What are the common reasons why some Google reviews vanish?-

Common reasons why some Google reviews disappear include fake reviews, spam reviews, off-topic reviews, illegal content or rude or threatening language.

3. How do Google reviews impact a business's brand trust and customer conversion rates?

Google reviews influence brand trust and customer conversion. Positive reviews boost company credibility and trustworthiness, making customers prefer that firm over competitors. These reviews also influence potential customers to buy based on others' experiences.

4. Is it possible to remove some reviews from your GMB profile?

Only the person who has posted the review can remove it, but if a business owner wants to remove a review that seems fake or inappropriate, they can flag the review and request Google to remove it.

5. How can businesses handle bad Google reviews?

Negative reviews should be addressed quickly and properly, and businesses should give solutions publicly. Negative feedback can also be used to improve products and services and show your dedication towards consumer satisfaction.

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