Google Reviews: How to Buy Real Ones?

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Can you imagine life without Google today? We know it sounds terrifying! No doubt, it seems to be something extremely difficult!

“Oh! My stomach aches so badly! But, why? Let me Google it, I am sure, I must find the right reason.” This is what we say these days, right? While dependency on Google for information might not be appropriate, we cannot deny the fact that it is the ultimate fact!

As per data, the Global revenue of Google in 2021 was 556.7 billion USD, the quarterly operating income of Google is 21.9 billion USD and the share of U.S desktop search traffic originating from Google is 75.78%. Aren’t the numbers terrific? Yep! They definitely are!

Summarizing it, a source says that 81% of consumers are dependent on Google account for the evaluation of local and business online profiles! So, if you’re a local business owner, 81% of your potential customers would try to find you on Google. So, are you there on Google? If yes, how? If not, why?

Google reviews are the simplistic and most effective way to reach customers and clients with genuine positive Google business reviews of your service. It would define the quality of service you provide, from a customer’s point of view. That makes it even more effective.

Let’s find out everything about online reviews in this write-up.

Let’s dive in!

What is a Google Review?

As a business owner, how do businesses buy google reviews and business reviews that make you reach out with your company or business’s name in the local SEO and search media? Are you aware of google maps reviews?

Google reviews are customer testimonials of products and services of business owners on Google. So, whenever anyone searches for any product or service, Google displays the business or company’s name, website (if it exists), phone number, business location, and customer reviews.

Gone are the days when distributing pamphlets generated leads. The time calls for business listings on Google, other search engines, rankings, positive review, star ratings, and lead generation via the given process.

How Does Google Review Help?

Google's review policy provides an extensive range of benefits for small businesses success. Let us look at some of them briefly:

#1. Improves Local SEO

Google detects the authenticity and reliability of all the sites and listings through multiple sources. It requires confirmation from the companies offering reviews written in a lot of places and only then does it put out the names on the top pages. Positive reviews also play a significant role in assuring the quality and effectiveness of the service. Thus, it enhances local SEO and helps the site rank.

#2. Increases Trust and Credibility

Google reviews provide customers with the required assurance about the quality and efficacy of the brand. This helps set up the credibility of all small and local businesses amongst the potential clientele. 

#3. Accelerates Purchase Decisions,

Believe it or not, Google reviews greatly influence buyers' purchase decisions. The statistics above prove the general people's dependency on purchasing Google reviews for all significant decisions, and they are genuine buyers. One can see a notable change in sales by listing the business on Google and filling it with impressive customer reviews.

How to Earn Google Reviews?

There are many ways in which a business owner can boost online reviews, get positive customer feedback and build an online reputation for the business. Before they choose to go to buy positive feedback from Google reviews, they always have the option to build it organically.

Let us look at a few more positive expert google reviews and review platforms and a few tips that can help in getting started with online reviews for your business.

1. Set Up Your Google Business Review Account

Haven’t you set up your business account yet? Well, then, the first thing you are supposed to do is to set up your personal Google My Business account.

This is how Google will become the one-way portal to look after the management of all Google-related things. From viewing insights on engagement to tracking reviews, it will build an incredible online reputation for the brand.

You can further share your business’s location via Google map popup, the opening and closing times of the shop, and all such information.

Tip: You can even take a screenshot of your review account with positive reviews and use it as a marketing toolkit.  

2. Create a Template for Google Review

Email marketing is a proven method for real-time engagement and spreading brand awareness.Do you know that 70% of Google reviews are generated from email marketing? 

As per a report by Powerhouse in 2016, 82% of customers look out for negative reviews and customer experiences. But why? Here’s the answer: A customer spends 5 times more time viewing the online portal of the business after reading a negative customer experience review than a positive one! However, there are chances that the method to get fraudulent reviews may backfire.

For email marketing, you can create templates for different types of customers:

  • New Customers

  • Loyal and Long Time Customers

  • Customers Who Always Return

  • Check Out Other Resources on Google

You can send the review request through the Google review link to the customers and ask them for their input and explain how to leave a negative review in detail. Also, don't forget to mention the steps for posting fake reviews in detail such as ‘click write a review’ so that they can understand easily.

3. Look for Buying Real Google Reviews

Another option to earn more Google reviews is via the paid system. Multiple sites provide real customer new reviews on Google. But, businesses need to research and go through the sites carefully. 

A reliable and authentic site can be an incredible help to take your business reputation and name to new heights, onboarding customers and successfully selling their products and services.

5 Sites to Buy Real Google Reviews From


If you want to bolster the traffic on your small business’s website and highlight the views of all happy customers, the site is here to help and solve your problem. offers 100% permanent and five-star reviews that will stay forever and allow your business to thrive on a larger scale. From enhancing your Google business profile to getting favorable customer testimonials, the site extensively helps in building an incredible online reputation for local and small businesses. You can also get a refund for dissatisfaction with the service provided by us. 

Unique Features

  • Clients can select the package as per their needs

  • Extreme safe and secure delivery of services

  • Besides Google Reviews, their service extends to other social media platforms too!

Pricing BuyReviews Charges For Google Reviews

Package Price
Buy 2 Google reviews $14
Buy 5 Google reviews $30
Buy 10 Google reviews $71
Buy 20 Google reviews $114

2. Thunderclap.It

Thunderclap.It is a Social Media Marketing Agency that consists of a term of efficient people who effortlessly work to boost your business information through their services like social media optimization and Google reviews. The company originates from the USA and has a consumer satisfaction overall rating of 98%. They offer advanced and creative guides to online businesses for them to succeed. However, providing Google reviews is their premium service offering. 

Unique Features:

  • They provide Google reviews, Trustpilot reviews, and others across 192 countries.

  • Assurance of 100% genuine and non-drop reviews.

  • 24*7 available customer support.

  • Instant delivery of services after submitting the inputs.

Price Type of Review Country
$5 Google Review USA
$5 Google Review UK
$5 Google Review Australia


The price bandwidth ranges from $5-$3000


GPC.FM offers 100% permanent reviews and assurance of delivery of at least one review within 24 hours after placing the order. The reviews are geographically targeted, and the site provides reviews in countries like the UK, US, Australia, EU, Canada, and others. Their service has 90% attached photos and 10% without pictures in the provided reviews.

Unique Features:

  • Helps reach out to greater customers

  • Their services help convert visitors into customers, as you can buy positive Google reviews within seconds.

  • Helps in Lead Generation.

  • Furnishes great backlinks and third-party references, helping with SEO

Price Number of Reviews Post per day
$25 5 1
$50 10 1
$120 25 1

4. is the ultimate solution for getting safe, secure, and positive customer feedback on the Google business account. Their range of services in building the online reputation of small and local businesses includes getting free reviews, live hubs, online receptionists, customer support, campaigns, texts, and integrations. They promise to reach out to all sources that will take the google business page to the top and generate leads.

Unique Features:

  • Instant response without you lifting your finger

  • Simplifies communication by connecting missed callers

  • Generates reviews, valuable feedback, and real-time insights

Package Price Description
Starter $249 Instant response to messages and calls Sending promotional content and newsletters
Growth $399 Everything in the starter package 50 live receptionist minutes


Everything in the starter package 100 live receptionist minutes

5. ReviewzHunt

ReviewzHunt allows you to buy custom Google reviews securely and safely. They help in bringing quality reviews in the review section that make engagement on local’ businesses’ social media soar. With quality and a vast number of the in-depth Google Reviews now, they help build a magnetic business algorithm for small and local businesses. Their service extends to almost 25 social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitch, Facebook, Vimeo, and others.

Unique Features:

  • The support team is available 24/7

  • Quick Delivery of real reviews and promotions

  • Customized package as per your business needs

No. of reviews Price Description
2 $14.50 High-quality Google reviews
Safe and secure delivery
30 days refill
10 $75.00 High-quality Google reviews
Safe and secure delivery
30 days refill
250 $978.00 High-quality Google reviews
Safe and secure delivery
30 days refill


So, are you clear with the format of buying Google reviews, and how lucratively you can build your online business with its help? Hopefully, you did! 

The entire write-up was to let you understand the significance of online reviews and how you can find real ones.  We suggest checking out other review sites, such as BuyReviewz, to grow your brand awareness and increase your chances of appearing on local searches. 

There are many service providers in the list that can help you rank on 1st page of local Google searches. Grow your small and local business today!


Q1. How do I buy real Google my business reviews?

It is straightforward to buy Google reviews online. But to buy reviews service requires extensive research. Just go through various sites, read what’s mentioned carefully, understand your needs, choose an authentic site, choose a package and go ahead to buy the reviews.

Q2. Do Google reviews help in SEO?

Yes, Google reviews help in Search Engine Optimization. It proves the authenticity of the business and thus contributes to enhanced Google rankings on the top pages. 

Q3. Is it possible to buy honest Google reviews?

Yes! Buying genuine fake Google reviews back from customers is possible. Some sites reach out to real people and their valuable testimonials. Such legitimate reviews do not drop, but work continues to build a more extensive customer base. But you need to be aware of all the fake reviews as google detect fake reviews.

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