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The majority of businesses scale their profit through their websites. So, having a credible website is as important as having a good business strategy. B2C and B2B companies rely heavily on Google reviews to build a customer base. 

People don’t like to visit websites that have little to no interaction. If you want your potential clients or customers to find your Google business page, keep your website SEO optimized and manage Google My Business Reviews with the right 5-star reviews. If you have the right Google reviews and positive feedback for your website, then half your marketing is done. 

However, the issue arises when you cannot obtain Google reviews organically at the start of your entrepreneurial journey, and a Local SEO plan is not in action. In this case, connect to the sites that sell real Google 5-star ratings to businesses like yours. But again, finding the right site that provides authentic, non-drop 5-star Google reviews can be difficult. 

Hence, we researched and found the list of the 7 best sites that are trustworthy in selling Google five-star reviews. We looked at many factors like the authenticity of the good reviews, customer support services, pricing, etc., while picking the best of the best sites. 

List of 7 best sites to buy Google 5-star reviews

Now that you are aware of the importance of 5-star Google reviews for a business website. Let’s learn about the best sites from which you can buy Google 5-star reviews.

Get authentic Google 5-star reviews from BuyReviewz to make your business look more reliable in front of potential customers. BuyReviewz allows you to customise Google reviews according to your needs and makes your website rank according to the algorithm. 

Our website has many testimonials from happy customers that have worked with them in the past, which makes them trustworthy. 

Key features of BuyReviewz: 

  • Real high-quality reviews 

  • 30-day refills 

  • Guaranteed safe and secure delivery without employing bots

  • Pricing available at 25% off now

  • 30-day money-back guarantee 

Pricing BuyReviews Charges For Google Reviews

Package Price
Buy 2 Google reviews $14
Buy 5 Google reviews $30
Buy 10 Google reviews $71
Buy 20 Google reviews $114

Other hot review services provided by BuyReviewz:

  • Yelp Reviews 
  • Facebook Reviews 
  • Tripadvisor Reviews 

BuyReviewz doesn’t just stop at selling quality reviews, but we also provide other social media services for other social media platforms. We have mentioned some of them below.

Social Media Platforms Services Provided
Instagram Followers
Targeted followers
Facebook Fan page likes
Live viewers
Video Views
Website traffic
Twitter Followers
Video Views
YouTube Views
Watch hours
Live views
Monetized accounts
TikTok Video views
Live views

#2. is a social media service-providing agency that is known for selling real 5-star Google reviews to Google business listings. They swear to make the delivery as fast as possible from their SSL secured encrypted site. 

They have years of experience in the business, so your business website will be in safe hands as they take special care of securing your personal information from any third party. 

Key features of 

  • Friendly customer support 

  • 94% satisfaction rating 

  • Fast delivery 

  • Positive customer reviews from all over the world 

  • Personalised customer rating  

Different pricing packages offered by

Here's the data presented in a table with two columns:

Number of Reviews Price
2 Reviews $14
3 Reviews $19
5 Reviews $32
10 Reviews $75
15 Reviews $99
20 Reviews $120
50 Reviews $259
100 Reviews $489
250 Reviews $978 doesn’t just stop at selling Google reviews, but they also provide other social media services for other social media platforms. We have mentioned some of them below.

Social Media Platforms Services Provided
LinkedIn Followers
Post views
Post shares
Spotify Monthly listeners
Artist followers
Playlist followers
Twitch Channel views
Video views
Live viewers
Viewers monthly
Soundcloud Plays
Clubhouse Followers
Pinterest Followers
Board followers

#3. GPC.FM

GPC.FM allows you to purchase Google reviews safely with just a few clicks in three simple steps that are:

  1. Select a package 

  2. Add your information 

  3. Watch your Google rating soar 

Their usage of the latest technology makes the entire process hassle-free. Also, when working with GPC.FM payment is not a problem as they use the popular and secured payment methods such as PayPal, Visa debit card, Master card, etc. 

Key features of GPC.FM:

  • Fast delivery within 1 hour of payment

  • Reviews from authentic Google accounts 

  • 24-hour customer support

  • Refund policy in case of unhappy customer experience

Different pricing packages offered by GPC.FM:

Number of Reviews Price
1 Review $5.99
2 Reviews $11.99
3 Reviews $17.99
4 Reviews $23.99
5 Reviews $29.99
10 Reviews $59.99
15 Reviews $89.99
20 Reviews $119.99
30 Reviews $189.99

Other services provided by GPC.FM on different social media platforms include:

Social Media Platforms Services Provided
Instagram Followers
Auto likes
Twitter Followers
Facebook Followers
Post and page likes
TikTok Followers
Spotify Followers


ReviewzHunt helps you increase your Google profile business reviews and attract more customers on the search engine. They are credible because ReviewzHunt is an SL sort list verified with amazing reviews on Clutch. ReviewzHunt also keeps the privacy of business owners protected without revealing it to anyone. 

Key features of ReviewzHunt: 

  • 100% safe 

  • Money-back guarantee 

  • Complete support 

  • Real Google reviews at cheap price

  • Trusted by over 50,000 users

  • Secure checkout

Different pricing packages offered by ReviewzHunt:

Number of Reviews Price (INR)
5 INR 500
10 INR 1000
15 INR 1500
20 INR 2000
25 INR 2500
30 INR 3000
40 INR 4000
50 INR 5000
70 INR 7000
90 INR 9000
100 INR 10000
200 INR 20000

Other hot Google review services provided by ReviewzHunt:

  • Buy Google Business Reviews 
  • Buy Google Map Reviews 
  • Trustpilot Reviews

Other services provided by ReviewzHunton different social media platforms include:

Social media platforms Services provided
Discord Members
Likee Likes
Vimeo Likes
Profile followers
Tumblr Followers
Snapchat Followers
Quora Followers

#5. Get Reviews Quick

Get positive reviews, drive website traffic, and boost local rankings for your business website with none other than Get Reviews Quick. They allow you to schedule a demo with them for free, and after the demo ends, you can decide if you wish to take the process further or not. It's quite an interesting offer, isn’t it? 

One unique thing about Get Reviews Quick is that they don’t have packages to offer like other social media service providers. It may seem like a con, but it actually is an advantage because they allow you to choose as many reviews as you want. 

This is what the pricing looks like with Get Reviews Quick:

Reviews Price
5 $35
10 $70
50 $287
100 $700

Other hot review services provided by Get Reviews Quick:

  • Google GPS Reviews 
  • Google Local Businesses Guide Reviews 
  • Google LSA Verified Reviews
  • Google LSA Reviews
  • Google Playstore Reviews
  • Facebook Reviews

Other quality services provided by Get Reviews Quick include:

Services provided

GBP Service 

  • GBP listing management 

  • Negative reviews removal 

  • GBP Verification

  • Fake review and fake GBP removal

  • Business listing/Citations


  • All-inclusive service 

  • On-page SEO 

  • Manual link building 

  • Website Audit 

Social Media Marketing 

  • Facebook 

  • Instagram 

  • Twitter

  • WhatsApp

  • Gmail 

Content Marketing

Website and UX  

  • Web Design and Development

#6. GMB Search

GMB Search allows you to buy positive Google reviews at a cheap price without compromising on the quality of the reviews. They recognize the significance of Google My Business (GMB) reviews and work hard to make it look perfect. 

The interesting part is that they supply you with reviews that are geo-targeted and come from different devices. 

Key features of GMB Search:

  • 100% safe and non drop reviews 

  • Guaranteed delivery 

  • Refund policy

  • Permanent reviews with lifetime guarantee 

  • Good service at affordable pricing 

  • Immediate supply reviews 

Different pricing packages offered by GMB Search:

Number of Reviews Price
1 $6
5 $30
10 $60
20 $110
30 $160
50 $270
70 $390
100 $550
150 $780
200 $1030
400 $1900
1000 $4900

#7. ReviewBoost

ReviewBoost can be the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for authentic 5-star Google online reviews for their business website. They offer reviews from accounts that have high-quality profile pictures with authentic names. They even send you the text written in the review so that you can approve it. 

Their reviews only come from countries like the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and you can also choose the country of location from where the views come from. 

Key features of ReviewBoost:

  • 100% non-drop permanent reviews 

  • Instant and on-time delivery

  • Reviews from 100% active and genuine completed profiles

  • Free replacement guaranteed for drop reviews 

Different pricing packages offered by ReviewBoost:

Number of Reviews Price
3 Reviews $18
5 Reviews $30
10 Reviews $60
20 Reviews $120
30 Reviews $175
50 Reviews $285
70 Reviews $400
100 Reviews $550
150 Reviews $820
200 Reviews $1000
500 Reviews $2300
1000 Reviews $4100

Final thoughts 

So, wrapping up, we just want to wish you good luck with choosing the legit site to buy 5-star Google reviews from. May your business website achieve the click-through rate it deserves, and may you achieve the sales goals that you have set for your business. 

Also, don’t believe the myths about buying Google reviews for reputation management. Get rid of them and go get some interesting 5-star reviews for your Google My Business listing.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs 

1. Can I buy Google business reviews for a website? 

You can certainly purchase high-quality Google reviews for your company's website. However, finding the right company that sells authentic Google reviews is a little difficult. The best Google reviews selling site will take care of your needs while maintaining the safety of your personal information. 

2. Is it legal to buy Google reviews for a business website?

It isn’t legal to buy Google reviews for a website to build an online reputation and rank on Google searches. However, if you choose the right website to buy Google reviews from, then they will take care of preserving your identity. 

Also, the best companies only provide Google reviews that come from real people, so there’s nothing questionable about the authenticity of reviews.  

3. What are the benefits you get when you buy reviews? 

Buying Google reviews and Google Maps reviews for your business’s website can help you expand your business in more ways than you think. However, beware of fake reviews sites. It improves your business website’s credibility, online presence, and local search ranking. 

Both these factors lead to higher returns on investments (ROI) and higher click-through rates (CTR) for your website.

4. How many reviews do you need to rank your business online?

There’s no one number. However, we recommend having at least 20 minimum reviews on your profile. Also, if you have many negative Google reviews then It's important to remove negative Google reviews as it can be a hurdle in ranking higher.

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