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9 Best Sites To Buy Google Reviews in 2023 - Complete Information


Whether you own a small local business or are a well-known service provider, reviews matter to your target clients.

By demonstrating your commitment to customer service through raving testimonials, outstanding star ratings, and favorable positive reviews, you provide peace of mind to potential clients.

Nevertheless, obtaining such stellar reviews is no simple task. Your desire to improve local SEO and rank at the top on Google may occasionally persuade you to purchase Google reviews.

So let’s uncover everything related to how to buy Google reviews and which sites you can actually trust.

Points To Consider While Buying Positive Google Reviews

We recognize that developing your Google reputation can be difficult, especially if your company is relatively new and has just entered a competitive field.

Suppose you don't have Google positive or negative reviews; in that case, you cannot succeed because many other people are trying to attain the same goals as you, regardless of your organization's digital niche. And if buying more Google reviews is your last resort, here are a few things that you should consider before you buy Google reviews:

1. Targeted Customers

Reviews and ratings from targeted customers are the most important factors to consider when buying reviews. As a result, getting many positive reviews isn't something you should leave to chance, but see if a company offers reviews matching your niche to promote your business online and strengthen your business profile on Google. 

2. Consider The Cost Price

There will be various solutions available when taking the cost of the how-to purchase Google business reviews into account. 

For example, it is suggested that you should skip buying reviews from websites where prices are relatively cheap as the reason could be they might offer fake reviews. 

Conclude on a platform only if the price is reasonable and you build confidence. To evaluate the reliability of the company, look up its background.

3. The Unit You Want To Choose To Buy

Remember that most individuals today research businesses online before making a choice. As a result, you can purchase a Google review platform to advertise your business and get favorable evaluations. 

But certainly, maintaining the company's credibility requires units of favorable, consistent reviews with good customer experience. 

Decide the units to purchase accordingly in advance, considering brand positioning and market analysis.

4. Current Reviews In The Business

It's important to assess the most recent evaluations of your business before buying Google reviews and it's crucial to keep things consistent. A rapid influx of positive reviews might fuel suspicions of dishonest behavior. 

Therefore, increasing your authenticity and reliability is essential to rank better in search engine rankings. Having positive and fair reviews will raise your position because Google's algorithm strives to provide users with the most accurate evidence.

5. Company Policy

While buying the Google review, thoroughly review the company policies, terms, and conditions. Make sure the company has a confidentiality clause and secure terms so that it might not affect your reputation in the future. Also, briefly check the payment and other details to deliver positive feedback.

Now that you know the key factors to remember before making a buy Google reviews decision let’s uncover some of the most reliable websites where you can buy Google reviews. 

9 Best Sites To Buy Google Reviews


You need one reliable platform to assist you while trying to improve your rating utilizing Google reviews and search engine optimization. XYZ is one of our top review site suggestions for building a sizable client base with minimal SEO work. 

They offer excellent bundles that will enable you to buy reviews, and they have a sizable clientele, skilled service, and round-the-clock customer support.


You'll also receive the following outstanding advantages from using XYZ for your GMB profile:

Quick Delivery: 

You want to ensure that the actual positive Google business reviews will be provided fast when posting them to your business account. You can purchase anywhere between one and 30 Google reviews at a single chance with XYZ, thanks to the rapid delivery of the products.

Maximum Customization: 

To ensure that your customers' evaluations and online reviews appear genuine, you'll need total control while creating them. Thankfully, this platform enables you to create comprehensive assessments before being published.

Increased Impressions: 

With this platform, you can rest easy knowing that you'll rarely encounter fake or subpar google reviews. As previously noted, your general reviews will originate from accounts controlled by actual persons and appear natural to Google my business and review services. 

To enable scalability simpler, it also aids in improving your corporate statistics. 

Pricing To Buy Google Reviews: 

Price  | Reviews
$abc  | Per 100 Google reviews. 


Suppose you order Google Business reviews from a firm with a solid track record and understand what you require from them. In that case, XYZ is also another excellent option. Our favorite aspect is that you don't have to spend a lot of money to be able to hire these experts. 

The company claims it will assist its customers with 100% persistent and secure reviews and benchmarks on Google Maps.


  • You will acquire the initial rating within 24 hours of placing your order, 
  • It gives customers reviews that are 100% permanent and non-drop.
  • They go into great depth about how the business can benefit from their reviews on Google.

Pricing To Buy Google Reviews: 


Price  | Reviews
$14 | 2 Google reviews. 
$19 | 3 Google reviews
$32 | 5 Google reviews
$75  | 10 Google reviews 


Another excellent organization to consider is GetAFollower. They have established a solid reputation for themselves, much like some businesses, and its benefit is that it can support emerging businesses. 

They have a strong desire to assist clients who may be at a barrier due to limited resources or the idea that they are just beginning out and lack much credibility. 

They will prefer to collaborate with clients like this rather than with large businesses that can afford to spend a significant amount of money expanding their businesses' digital presence.


  • You might use it to purchase Google reviews as evidence of their ability to assist you with unique attributes.
  • Google pertinent and in-depth reviews can help your company grow and convey a great deal to real customers. 

Pricing To Buy Google Reviews: 


Price  | Reviews
NA | X Google reviews. 

4. Buy Real Media

If you wish to purchase Google maps reviews from a business that can assist you securely and confidentially, go to buy real media. It pays attention to what your requirements and online reputation are at first. This is undoubtedly a fantastic alternative that does not resemble fake reviews.

For instance, when one visits the company's website, you'll realize that there is a chat window on the home page, allowing you to talk to them immediately. You can discuss your requirements to buy google business reviews. 


  • It can assist you in purchasing focused, pertinent, and 5-star reviews.
  • You can broaden your business's reach across several channels with its assistance.
  • It can assist you with Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media services besides Google.

Pricing To Buy Google Reviews: 

Price  | Reviews
NA | X Google reviews. 

5. Audiencegain

The development of genuine value, competence, and service levels for clients is the central objective of Audiencegain. The evidence will indeed be your high-quality performance on the platform. It always works to develop and analyze to provide the clients with the most outstanding value and performance.

It's one of the primary tools for ensuring the security of our clients each time it renders a solution. All solutions offered are based on the website's most recent algorithms and are authorized.


  • With lots of YouTube expertise, they can assist you in any situation promptly and competently.
  • The main aim of Audiencegain is always customer satisfaction.
  • A 100% return is only necessary if the service is provided exactly as claimed.

Pricing To Buy Google Reviews:


Price  | Reviews
NA | X Google reviews. 


Several, the dominant player at this moment and one that has existed for many years, can assist you easily in buying Google reviews. They claim to offer their consumers 100% secure and durable reviews and various pricing plans in bundles you can manage.

It claims that once you have established business page requirements with the Google reviews, experts will work on the packages and promptly provide them to you. Several methods to contact them include an email address and a live chat window. You can buy google maps reviews and Google reviews through real people; it can restore any reviews that disappear for whatever reasons.


  • Their reviews are given with 100% genuine and functional profiles via a quick, skilled solution.
  • They make their approach 100% success rate assurance and do it in compliance with Google's policies and guidelines and the federal trade commission.
  • They provide customers with one to three daily reviews, including local search parameters.

Pricing To Buy Google Reviews: 

Price  | Reviews
$14.50  | 2 Google reviews. 

7. Google Follower

Google Follower may not have a specifically appealing website. However, they compensate for it with outstanding Google reviews, which are available online for business owners' brands.

You may connect them easily if you encounter any problems. Additionally,  they offer conversation records, with an email account and a Skype contact. Hence, you can contact them for good reviews when it's convenient for everyone.


  • High-quality Google reviews from a competitive region that targeted potential customers are what they guarantee to their clientele.
  • With sophisticated tools, you may define settings for geography, niche, and other factors based on your preferences and objective.
  • Inserting the URL to your page and adding a message will allow you to request their Google reviews in compliance with FTC. 

Pricing To Buy Google Reviews: 

Price  | Reviews
$10 | 1 Google review 

8. Online Boost Up

It doesn't bother if you lack a lot of cash to spend as they will still help you buy Google 5-star reviews under Google's guidelines conveniently and affordably. They can also get it done swiftly.

Once you land on their site, a chat box will appear where you can start a conversation with them about your initial requirements. They also possess a wealth of knowledge on any concerns you could have. 

They claim to give their customers reviews that are 100% stable and non, and that you can obtain your initial reviews just 24 hours after placing your request.


  • It provides reviews without the aid of review bots from all around the globe.
  • You can communicate with them via WhatsApp, email, or Skype.

Pricing To Buy Google Reviews: 

Price  | Reviews
NA | X Google reviews. 

9. Buy Bulk Reviews

If you're on a tight budget and need to be able to order Google My Business reviews, Buy Bulk Reviews is yet another excellent choice. They advertise reasonable rates.

They also provide additional services like Amazon and Yelp reviews. Before sending the hyperlink to the recipients, you can select the number of reviews you require and the region from which you desire them to originate.


  • Given that they offer a chat box, you will only ever pay for what you receive.
  • They genuinely care for their customers' needs to earn a 5-star rating.

Pricing To Buy Google Reviews: 

Price  | Reviews
NA | X Google reviews. 

10. ACC Farm

Suppose you want to purchase positive Google reviews from a business with a strong online reputation that will assist you securely and confidentially. In that case, ACC Farm is a wonderful option.

You could select from various characteristics and predefined elements according to their claims. The cost is reasonable, so you may be as particular as you must be in the Google reviews and satisfied with your purchasing decision.

If negative reviews have already damaged your company on Google, they can assist you with this as they have a service that will erase the real reviews for you.


  • They only give their clients Google reviews that actual people submit for digital marketing.
  • They offer a drip-feed feature to send you Google reviews over time.
  • If you wish to add anything special, you can add your comment.

Pricing To Buy Google Reviews: 

Price  | Reviews
$4.99 | 1 Google review 

Benefits Of Buying Google Reviews:

You cannot build a reputation online without customer reviews, whether they're positive or negative. They additionally provide them a reason to believe in your brand or business because they can observe that the other customers have been happy with your goods and services. 

Other significant benefits of Google reviews include the following:

#1. Fair Competition In The Marketplace

It'd be wonderful if you could have that brilliant idea for a business, work through creating your business plan, and carry it out effectively. But most firms fail within the first few years, which is just not the reality.

You need to stand out if you want to thrive in a tough market, and having many favorable Google reviews is one approach to accomplish this. It will be simpler to enter the market your specialization belongs to if you buy positive Google reviews, specifically if you have a web profile.

#2. Expand Your Customer Base Instantly

The period needed to grow your customer base, establish yourself as an expert in your field, and start making money. It is undoubtedly one of the most difficult components of starting a new business internet.

If you want to be able to speed up this process for your business listing, you should buy your Google reviews. If you do this, you'll spend less time trying to grow your internet customers. Now, much more effort is spent thinking about how to grow the company and ensure that the public sees its best sides.

#3. Gather More Positive Responses

Regular clients and new customers will regard your company positively if you have a substantial proportion of Google reviews on the account. Happy customers start reacting significantly to anything you post, benefiting big and small businesses over the long term.

#4. Build New Community

Possessing stellar Google evaluations is one of the easiest ways to attract a new group of potential clients. People typically use Google Play to locate the nearest neighborhood store that offers the goods or services they want to purchase.

Before determining whether to hire a business, they use it to read evaluations about that company on the internet presence. If consumers find a tonne of positive reviews about your business, they are far more likely to want to buy your service or product and come back to it later.

Building a modern community surrounding your online brand is just as crucial, which is offline, especially if it is a local business.


It's a good idea to hire companies to overwhelm your Google page with positive reviews to attract clients. However, you must be careful about fake google reviews, which can lead to unintended consequences and a crisis of internet reputation.

All the listed platforms focus on more proactive methods to obtain the appreciation you deserve from customers. They use the approved and authorized algorithms within the system to achieve the reviews you want.

Your business's reputation will boost with multiple 5-star review services, encouraging pleased clients to leave Google reviews organically. It will help you build stronger bonds with both current and potential clients.

Buying google reviews initiates reputation management, which streamlines the review management and monitoring of ratings. The platform assists you in obtaining the sincere, pertinent, and favorable testimonials you merit for your business profile. 


1. What amount should I budget for Google reviews that I buy?

This issue is challenging to address because the cost will vary depending on the company you choose to purchase 5-star Google reviews from. However, we have an intermediate strategy because paying too much or too little for your Google reviews can be problematic.

2. What should I watch out for when purchasing Google reviews?

Key customer assistance is one of the most important qualities to watch while purchasing Google reviews on the google my business page. The challenge with businesses is that you have relied on strong customer service. 

Even though you may not be committing to an additional service, you still need to have faith that you can contact people if something goes wrong with the Google reviews you bought.

3. Why Should I Buy 1 Star Google Reviews for my business?

When purchasing Google review sites, remember that most consumers nowadays research an online business. If someone looks at your Google reviews and notices that you have a lot of bad reviews, they will undoubtedly be cautious of using the brand.

However, the same logic applies if consumers find your company on Google and notice that you have favorable ratings. When it concerns the reviews you receive from the customers, the more realistic and balanced you can be, the more probable customers will be inclined to approach you with good incentives.